How to install Perfect Player on FireStick

Let us divide this section into three parts:

  • Part 1: Switch ON the option Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Part 2: Install the Downloader app from Amazon Store
  • Part 3: Use the Downloader app to sideload Perfect Player on your Amazon FireStick

The following steps cover the above in the same order as they have been provided:

1- I am assuming you have already powered on your FireStick

While you are on the home screen, navigate to the top and highlight the Menu bar

In the menu bar, select the option Settings in the far right

2- When the Settings options are displayed, go to the option My Fire TV and open it

3- Within My Fire TV, you will see the following set of options

Click Developer Options

4- To install the third-party apps like Perfect Player, we must turn ON the security option Apps from Unknown Sources

Click it once if it says OFF

5- Before Apps from Unknown Sources is turned ON, the system will ask you for your confirmation

Go ahead and click Turn On

6- Now, we are going to the second part and install the Downloader app from the Amazon Store

Select the Menu Bar on the FireStick home screen again (on the top) and choose the Search option (the lens icon) in the top-left corner

7- Search for the app (type in Downloader)

Click the app when it is displayed in the search results

Next, you simply need to follow the onscreen instructions and install Downloader on FireStick

8- Now, open the Downloader app once it has installed

During the first run, you are likely to see some prompts. You simply need to get rid of the prompts by choosing the appropriate options

You must now see this main screen of the Downloader app

Click the URL textbox (which already has the text http://)

9- With the help of the onscreen keypad, type the following URL:

Check the URL once before you click GO

10- Let the Perfect Player APK download on your device

11- Go ahead and click Install when the file has been downloaded

This will start the installation

12- Allow it a minute while the app is installed

13- You should see the App installed notification in a minute

If you want to start using Perfect Player on Amazon FireStick right away, you may choose OPEN

I personally recommend we click DONE at this time and delete the Perfect Player APK file we downloaded. We have the app now and this APK file is of no use. We will learn to use the app in the next section

14- Click Delete when you see the following prompt (after clicking DONE above)

15- Choose Delete one more time

Great! You have successfully installed Perfect Player on FireStick.

How to Use Perfect Player on FireStick

We will first access the Perfect Player app and later learn how to use it. Here are the steps:

1- Go to the FireStick home screen

Press the down button on the navigation ring of your remote a couple of times until the row titled Your Apps & Channels is highlighted

In this row, go all the way to the left and click See All (you may also go all the way to the right)

Note: See All will appear only if you have more than 20 installed apps on your FireStick. If you have fewer than 20, you will find Perfect Player right on the home screen in the Your Apps & Channels row. Just navigate to the last app in this row.

2- Now, scroll down to the last item on this list of installed apps and click Perfect Player to open it

3- If you want to move Perfect Player to the FireStick home screen, press the menu key on the remote (it is the 3-line button on the right under the navigation ring). You will see a popup in the bottom-left corner on your TV screen. Click Move and shift the app to the first row so that it is available on the home screen

4- Let us explore the Perfect Player app and learn how to start streaming channels from your IPTV provider

Select and click the gear icon to open Settings on the home screen of the Perfect Player app

5- Choose General on the following window

We will now import the Playlist and EPG from your IPTV service provider

Remember that Perfect Player works only with the IPTV providers that either support Playlists (M3U, XC, or XSPF format) or EPG (XMLTV or JTV format)

6- Click Playlist on the next screen

7- Most IPTV providers offer M3U playlist format. Make sure the file format is selected (M3U is the default selection)

If your IPTV subscription comes with VOD content, do not forget to check the VOD box

Click the textbox that reads URL or file path

8- Use the onscreen keypad and enter the playlist URL provided in your IPTV subscription

The URL is usually sent to you in your email with the login details

The URL already contains your username and password for authentication purposes.

You just need to make sure you type the URL correctly. It is a long URL and even a single missing character will prevent you from importing your playlist

I recommend using the Amazon Fire TV Remote App on your Android or iOS device so that you can copy/paste the URL without having to type it. You can download the Remote App from the Play Store or Apple App Store

Click OK

9- You will now return to this window

The playlist URL you added earlier is now displayed here. Once you add a Playlist, it appears as Playlist 1 and the Playlist 2 option is enabled. This means you can add multiple playlists to Perfect Player

Once you have added the Playlist, click EPG

Note: Use this option only if EPG is included in your IPTV subscription **All IPTV LIGHTNING subscriptions are integrated with EPG**

10- Select the EPG file format (XMLTV or JTV)

Click the URL or file path field and enter the EPG URL that came with your IPTV subscription

Again, you may use the Amazon Fire TV Remote as this URL is long and difficult to type

Click OK to continue

11- When you are back on this screen, you see that the EPG URL is displayed under the section EPG 1 and EPG 2 option is also enabled. You can add multiple EPGs to Perfect Player

12- Press the back button on your FireStick remote until you see the following screen

The playlist and EPG will be imported from the source links you provided earlier

Give it a minute or two to finish the update (top right corner of the Perfect Player screen)

13- When the playlist and EPG have imported, you will see the channel line-up on the left side of the screen

Usually, the ‘All Channels’ category is displayed by default. Press the left or right buttons on the navigation ring of the FireStick remote to navigate the categories

14- Navigate to the channel you want to watch and click it once to start watching it

15- During the playback, press the menu button on the remote (3-line button) to bring up the playback options on the top

  • The first button Pause pauses the playback
  • The second button Stop will take you back to the list of the channels
  • The third button Source lets you select the streaming source (IPTV, Files, VOD, Series are the options)
  • The fourth button lets you change the video options (such as Aspect Ratio, Subtitles, etc.)
  • The Refresh button refreshes your playlist and EPG list
  • The last button is Settings which lets you access the app settings and also add the Playlist and EPG

Use the Channel Menu Options (view EPG and add channels to Favorites)

I have already provided a lot of information in the previous section. To avoid any confusion and clutter, I have decided to explore the channel menu options in a separate section. Here is how it works:

Select the channel of your choice from the list

Hold down the OK/Select button on the remote for a few seconds


Press the 3-line menu button on the remote

You should see the following popup window